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Camden Art Teachers

Art Aware scouts selected the artwork for the “2006 Camden Children at Peace Doing Art” poster from 14 public and parochial elementary schools.*

The Camden School District should be commended for having art teachers in every elementary school. Look at the artwork they initiated from all ages (see grade levels in parentheses)! Such creativity! Such variety!

Collages made from small pieces of paper (5th, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd)

A large flower design in Georgia O’Keeffe style (1st)
A landscape. Paint is eyedropped onto the paper and then the students blow through straws to push the paint where they want it to go. (4th)
Variations of Vincent Van Gogh’s starry day/night (2nd)
Watercolors and markers used in intricate designs (2nd, 2nd, 7th)
A still life and a button/straw collage by kindergarteners
A stained-glass window, a tissue paper collage (2nd, 4th)
A watercolor/crayon-resist islandscape (2nd)
A pre-K monoprint, a close-up eye study (5th)
A portrait, a 3-D construction of Nefertiti (4th)

It is essential that each student’s creativity be encouraged and celebrated. It has been proven (see article on website) that art activities raise success levels in all academic areas.

In 2005, after presenting reproductions of fine artwork, Art Aware presenters often demonstrated in hands-on exercises that one doesn’t have to be able to draw realistic images in order to create great art. Modern artists such as the Impressionists, the Abstract Expressionists, Piet Mondrian, Victor Vasarely and others illustrated this point.

And to prove that each student could tap into his or her creativity we had the class do small designs which we put into a larger mural which turned into GREAT ARTWORK and celebrated the ingenuity of the whole class.

In 2006 we look forward to taking classes to the Andrew Wyeth retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and to performances of Julie Taymor's “The Lion King” at the Academy of Music (June 14 and July 5) in addition to our usual activities of enabling students to tap into their inner resources through examining reproductions of fine art.

*Names of schools (and their art teachers): Bonsall (Gail), Cramer (Watkins), Cream (Neely), Davis (Grey, Sherby), Forest Hill (Spann, Jones), Holy Name (Mattern), Mcgraw (Mann), Molina (Harrington), Parkside (Auge), St. Joe’s Pro Cathedral (Brown), Sharp (Saeger),Sumner (Allen, Savarese), Washington (Sassano), Yorkship (Baskin, MacArthur).

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Posted 8 May 2006