From the 2003 Camden Children at Peace Poster

Art Aware Newsletter

#8 (2003)

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Empowerment Through Art

It has been a fantastic year for Art Aware in Camden City. In collaboration with teachers, administrators and skilled volunteers, we have reached nearly 5,000 students with our mesage peace empowerment through art.

Our mission is to serve inner city elementy school students by initiating, supporting and supplementing art in Camden City public and parochial schools.

Camden children are at peace doing art in their classrooms. And this peace translates to student success! Yet, despite research proving the educational necessity of art, it is often still cut in a budget crunch.

Art Aware believes this to be a travesty of education. So we do whatever we can to see that it doesn't happen!

In 2003 we visited every classroom in 7 schools (Washington, Holy Name, Molina, Sharp, Davis, Cooper's Poynt, and Cramer). With our interactive presentations using reproductions of paintings, we supplemented every art teacher's efforts to meet the standards of the NJ State Core Curriculum.

We gave awards lo student artists, beautifully designed by Emdur Metal Products in Camden, which included the artwork of each student from this year's Peace Poster mounted on a wooden plaque.

In 2004, we would like to bring our art appreciation classes to even more elementary schools in the city and continue to raise up exemplary students and teachers in Camden, as they deserve to be recognized and celebrated!

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Posted 21 January 2004, Updated 19 August 2004