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#7 (2002)

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Student Awards

Large copies of the 2002 Peace Poster graced the hallways of the 15 schools of the 33 students who created the winning artwork.

For twelve months of the year a huge copy of the poster was displayed in Camden’s Pathmark Supermarket so that all the local shoppers could feel pride at the accomplishments of Camden students.

At graduation, thanks to the generosity of Emdur Metal Products here in Camden, thirty-three students received beautiful plaques with copies of their artwork embossed in bronze metal and mounted on white wooden blocks with gilt edges. 

The following letters from two Camden elementary school teachers are indicative of how well the awards were received.


From Kristen Iasiello, art teacher at Lanning Square School: 

I am writing to say Thank You for the fabulous plaques you sent to the 
students on their achievements for their artwork this past year. 

They received their awards today at school and were so excited. They came running to my art closet to show me their awards. They really were  amazing gifts to these students . 

The smiles and excitement they showed were worth a 
million words. 

I just wanted to Thank you for all you do for these students, 
how one little piece of artwork can make such a difference to these children. 

That’s what it is all about, a smile on a child’s face can go a long way. 

Thanks again for the encouragement . 

P.S. The children also loved to see their artwork around the city and 
supermarkets and such, awesome job!

From Judy Sassano – Art Teacher, Washington Elementary School.

We presented the Art Aware award of the plaque to Ruby and she was sooo thrilled -the next day she came and told me that her mom was so thrilled that she showed it to everyone in the neighborhood!

Thanks so much for all you do for our kids! 

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31 December 2002, Updated 19 August 2004