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#5 (2000)

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Student Calendars

Camden children need to be acknowledged tor the good work that they do!

The 2001 Peace Calendar of Camden students' artwork is in production. In December, ten thousand copies will be distributed to every public and private elementary school classroom in Camden, government offices, businesses, supermarkets, churches, students, parents, citizens, etc.

Plans are underway to collaborate with Rutgers University and the American Association of University Women for Art Aware classes and trips for elementary school children in the fall.

Dr. John Giannotti, Chairman of the Fine Arts Department of Rutgers will introduce the Calendar with a letter stating how visual art in Camden contributes to peace in students' lives and to the life of the city itself!

The following is a brief summary of Art Aware activities from 7/1/99 to 6/30/00:

  • Art Aware Peace Calendars - 1) 10,000 Y2K Calendars produced and distributed, 2) interaction with 30 public & private Camden elementary schools for 2001 Calendar contest, 3) 2001 Calendar artwork chosen, layout completed.
  • Art Aware classes - for approximately 2,000 students at public and private elementary schools, after-school and summer recreation sites.
  • Art Aware sponsored trips - for 750 students to various sites including: 1) Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2) Camden Children's Garden at the N.J. State Aquarium, 3) Camden Neighborhood Renaissance Arts Festival.
  • Aware exhibitions of students' artwork - (approx. 2,500 pieces) and student photos (approx. 500) at various sites including: 1) elementary schools, 2) City Hall, 3) NJ State Aquarium and Camden Children's Garden, 4) UMDNJ (Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ), 5) Camden Neighborhood Renaissance Arts Festival, 6) Camden Housing Authority headquarters and recreation sites, 7) South Jersey Performing Arts Center, 8) Blockbuster Sony E-Centre, 9) Campbell Soup Foundation, 10) L-3 Communications, 11) Camden Pathmark Supermarket.
After ten years, Art Aware is finally being recognized as a creative influence in the schools, in the lives of Camden children and in the community. Camden's face is changing and Art Aware and all of its supporters can take some of the credit.

Residents, young and old, and visitors are smiling because, through Art Aware, they know some of the positive accomplishments of Camden children and their wonderful artwork!

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17 April 2001, Updated 19 August 2004